Is anyone home?

  • Is this still s going concern? I've let you know through Kickstarter, the app, and here that my device stopped working after two days and have not received any response. I don't see much sign of life in this forum either.

  • @bazfum - nope.

    @anuj_iota (one of the creators) as last on here 5 months ago, and @rishabh_iota (another creator) was last on 1 year ago (as of mid-Nov 2017).

    @kunal_iota is a keener - he was on only 3 months ago. He didn't respond to anything though, he just dropped in for a look around. He last responded a month before that to say that there were no plans to support SmartThings.

    I'm afraid that this is a dead parrot.

  • @bazfum

    Kunal just posted this on the Kickstarter page: (tl;dr - it's dead and they're shutting the servers down)

    Iota Labs Backers,

    Over the past year, we've undergone the entire journey of making Dot a reality. The team has been grateful for the opportunity to build and ship a product with your support.

    Unfortunately, to continue running an IoT service like Dot, our servers have a relatively high overhead cost that we are unable to continue paying for at this time. We regretfully announce that Dot's hardware and app are no longer supported and Iota Labs is shutting down.

    We are currently looking into open sourcing all of our code to enable users to run their own servers. If you're interested in this, please send us a message.

    If you have not yet received your Dots, due to anything from bad postage to unfilled surveys, please contact us by December 1st, 2017 so we can process any refunds.


    Iota Labs

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