IOTA app constantly trying to launch app

  • hi guys, not sure if others encounter this, i basically use my iota in my car. When I get into my car the iota app launches waze and i just drive off to work.
    But one annoying thing happens.
    after about 2-5mins, because i am still in range of the dot it just tries to relaunch waze or whatever app i asked it to launch and is currently running on my phone. it keeps doing this over and over, i get quite annoyed but the constant beeping that i have to basically mute all alerts from my phone.
    you guys encountered this and is there a fix/workaround?

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    @ragewhale Have you increased the range of your Iota? It's possible you're sitting on a boundary line.

  • Hi, apologies as i haven't been checking the forums. i've tried increasing the range and also decreasing it and still getting the same problem. basically the dot is sitting right next to my phone on its holder when i enter the vehicle. when it launches waze it works perfect but then it just keeps trying to launch waze while in the waze app already so i get the annoying notification.

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