The App Doesn't Detect My Dots During Initial Setup

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    If you are in the "Add Your Iota" screen and your nearby Iota isn't showing up:

    Then here are some steps to try.

    Check the Battery

    First, make sure that the battery in your Iota is fresh and inserted correctly. If you do not have a fresh battery to try, you may try the other steps in this guide but do not forget the possibility that your battery is dead. The correct orientation for the battery is such that the "+" symbol is facing AWAY from the circuit board. The correct battery size to use is the CR2354.

    Enable Location Services

    Next, make sure you enabled Location Services during the setup of the app. iOS requires Location Services to be enabled in order to detect Bluetooth beacons. You might have hit "Not Now" when prompted to enable Location Services during initial setup, which would prevent the app from seeing any Iotas. The only reliable way to re-enable location services is to uninstall the app and re-install it, making sure to enable Location Services when prompted.

    Increase Transmit Power

    Some of the Bluetooth modules will have weaker antennas than others. This is due to normal manufacturing variations. When programmed at the factory, Iotas are set to have low transmit power to save battery. On weaker modules, this will result in the Iota not being detected during initial setup. We are working on a fix for this in the app, but for now we can get around this by manually configuring the Iota to transmit more strongly. It is simple, but there are many steps; please make sure to follow them all. If you skip something, there is no harm in starting the process over.

    1. Download the "nRF Connect" App from the Apple App Store and open it. Make sure the Iota that is not being detected is sitting as close as possible to your iPhone. Do not hold the Iota or the phone with your hands, and remove any case from the iPhone.

    2. The first screen you will see should look similar to this. Identify the device saying "Dot Prototype" and press "Connect". If you have multiple Dots, some of which work, it may help to remove the batteries from the ones that work so you only see the Dot you are trying to fix. Going off signals strength alone is not reliable.

    3. In the next screen, click on the "Unknown Service" in the highlighted area:

    4. You will then be presented with the following screen. Scroll down...

    5. ...until you see the following characteristic. Note the number 33. Click on the up arrow next to the characteristic:

    6. After clicking the up arrow the following screen pops up. Type "06" in the text box (that's zero-six) and click "Send". You are increasing the transmit power from the default of 4 to 6. Values from 3 to 9 are acceptable, but the higher the number the more battery is consumed, so try to use the minimum value that allows your Iota to be detected.

    7. After you hit send you will be returned to the previous screen. Click the down arrow, and after a short delay (about 5 seconds) the "Value" should change to "0x06", or whatever you set it to. If the value does not update, repeat steps 5 and 6. If the value DOES update, click "< Services" in the top left of the screen to leave the configuration screen.

    8. Finally, hit "Disconnect" in the top right of the Services screen. Re-open your Iota Connect App and try to discover your Iotas.

    If your Iotas are still not being discovered (follow the tutorial video), then message myself or @kunal_iota and we will work with you further.

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