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    If IFTTT doesn't provide enough functionality with smart things, please let me know what specific use cases you'd like to see. We can take a look at them to see if they are implementable.

  • @kunal_iota Thanks for your reply. Really IFTTT is a bit clumsy for serious integration. Ideally, the dot would be on-par with all other devices in the SmartThings universe and have a SmartThings Device driver available to enable full integration in whatever way was desired. Without a SmartThings device driver, they do not really live up to the promised integration with SmartThings.



  • @kunal_iota By the way, I'm not getting any email notifications of your responses despite "Watching" the topic. Is there an issue with your email system on the community site perhaps?

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    @stevehweb Not that I'm aware of. I think you only get an email notification if I respond to you directly.

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    @stevehweb Have you used the IFTTT iota labs channel? If so, are you experiencing significant lag with your recipes? We implemented IFTTT's real time API, so things should happen relatively quickly.

  • @kunal_iota Thanks for that info. I'm not really interested in using IFTTT. I have all of my integrations managed via the SmartThings platform natively as it offers a rich fully extensible API.

    I supported your you had stated that you were going to offer SmartThings integration - which clearly implies integration directly through SmartThings, not via IFTTT.

    Luckily, integration with smartThings is relatively easy to achieve. All you need to do is create a simple device driver such as this one.

  • This was my understanding as well. Companies need to stop using IFTTT as a crutch and lame first option integration method. IFTTT is STRICTLY a secondary integration method. It is not even close to good enough. Iota should really think about what Steve is saying. With the smartthings community working on smartapps to use with iota, the completely complicated iota system could be broken down for end users who were not expecting having to come here and go through all this information they do not understand to even approach a use for iota.

  • @kunal_iota - I'm wondering if you have plans for integration with SmartThings yet or whether this is something that you will not be doing - in which case, I'll stop asking. Please let us know if you have any plans to do this.

    Thanks, Steve.

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    Unfortunately, right now there are no future plans for smart things.

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