Unable to connect to Hue hub

  • I have 3 dots, all updated to v2 firmware, no way to get associated with hue bridge (v2 - the squared one).
    need to be correct, pls!

  • I have the same problem (posted by va_lemon) I can't connect with the hue bridge. Firmeware is v2 Release.

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    @sommo Our next update is pending review and should solve this!

  • @grant_iota said in Unable to connect to Hue hub:

    @sommo Our next update is pending review and should solve this!

    Ok i will try once out

  • @grant_iota Sounds great. I'll keep a look out.

  • It now connect but doesnt work at all..also it can not be select what lamp OR Hue group has to be toggle... a little step forward.. do u test what u release?? Sorry but another beta hw/sw... really disappointing

  • New App release now allows connection to Hue Bridge. One needs to press the Hue Bridge button, then it connects.
    Then press dismiss.
    Make sure that you name the Dot the same name that you have assigned to your particular Hue light / scene that you wish to control.

    Works like a charm. I walk into a particular room (with my iPhone in my pocket), and the light comes on.

    I programmed the same Dot to turn off the light when I press it upon leaving the room.

    Just as I had envisaged.

    Thanks for the update.

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    @sommo It doesn't seem to be a full problem with our QA/Testing. As you can see the update worked for someone else. As with many things, the vast diversity in settings on different hardware and software complicates things. The best thing we can hope to do is debug the problems when they come up. @grant_iota can help you debug you hue.

  • Ok, but why not making a menù to choice what hue lamp OR group?how could i send log/debug?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I tried Hue with a different dot today, so 2. Added both the Hue app and the button off app. Made sure the room name is exactly as defined. It didn't work. No response on entering or exiting the defined room. Made sure Dot sees my phone. Nothing got the lights to come on. I wonder if this week's Hue firmware update may be the cause? It seems to me these tech gimmicks only work for short periods. Too many changes in too many places create an unstable user experience. A shame really. Anyway, anyone else struggle to switch on a room or is this just me?

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