Developer Applet Contest Week 4: IFTTT

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    Hello everyone!

    Thanks to those who participated in last week's contest. Please vote on it here:

    This week's theme is centered around the IFTTT functionality found here In order to be considered for the winning spots, you must build an applet combination that makes creative use of that functionality. This week we are going to be awarding Dots to the top 5 submissions.

    The rules are simple:

    In order to submit, comment on this topic with a video link to your IFTTT applet in action.

    The winner is decided by the community. Whoever receives the most upvotes on their submission comment wins.
    The contest ends THIS Friday.
    Note: These rules are subject to change as we receive feedback from the community. Feel free to offer up suggestions!

    The winner of this week's contest will be shipped two additional Dots!


  • I've pretty much given up on online social networks; I don't use any cloud services; I don't live in the US; I don't have an Android phone and I don't really have any "Smart" equipment worth automating. For these reasons, I settled on "reverse IFTTT integration" for this entry - i.e. having an event from an external IFTTT trigger an action on my Dot!

    It's simple but it worked like a charm:
    A new post in the XKCD RSS feed posts a sticky note to one of my Dots, and the notification worked perfectly. No video, since it's a reaction rather than a trigger, but here's a collage of screenshots and a photo:


    (And yes - I felt it appropriate to take a photo of the actual XKCD strip rather than a screenshot, given the subject matter discussed in it. Sing with me.)

  • Week 04 - IFTTT Functionality

    Turn off that nightlight when the phone hits the nightside table. Forgot something? Pick that phone up again and turn on the light again. Really done? Have that phone hit the nightside again and get that much needed sleep!

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